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Rev. Molly Brewer
Unitarian Universalist Minister


the full spectrum of being

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Worship & Preaching
Calling Forth Our Gifts

Bringing inclusive, inviting, yet gently challenging worship services to life grounds us in the values and practice of our faith.

Pastoral Presence
Holding Complex Truths

Welcoming our many forms of human diversity, from body size to neurodivergence to disability, creates an open space for relationships to be forged in trust.

Prophetic Justice
Loving the Future Into Being

Acting for liberation spurs us into love for one another, calling us to the promise of a resilient and beautiful future.



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I believe that being radically and fabulously who you are is a blessed path to the healing, creativity, inspiration, and realization of justice that is our birthright as co-creators of the Sacred here and now.

I am a queer, fat, neurodivergent and nonbinary woman (fae/they pronouns) living at the threshold that bridges Pagan belief with Unitarian Universalist values and practice. I was born in southern Maine and grew up playing among the salt, stones, and sea of the New England coast. Even as an unchurched child, I cultivated passionate interests in religion and belief, Goddess worship, history and social change, and visual art from a young age. It wasn't until adulthood, when I joined the Allen Avenue UU Church in my hometown of Portland, that I realized that the seeds of my call to ministry had been planted long ago.

During my training, I developed strong theological foci on size justice and radical body acceptance; neurodiversity; and spiritual practice, and nurtured a gift  for sermon writing and preaching. My home church of Allen Ave UU, as well as the First Universalist Church of Auburn where I served my internship, co-ordained me to ministry on February 2, 2020, coinciding with the Pagan holy day of Imbolc. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I've dedicated myself to building authentic and beautiful connections and relationships, as well as meaningful worship, in online sacred spaces while working remotely. My remote work has included leading a thriving youth group as the Youth Ministry Coordinator at the First Unitarian Church of Rochester, New York; supply preaching around the country; one-to-one spiritual accompaniment; and group facilitating with the UUA's LeaderLab.

I currently live in Maine with my spouse, author and artist Alan MacRaffen, and our two cats Husker and Widgey.

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First Unitarian Church
Rochester, New York
2020 - Present

Youth Ministry Coordinator

LeaderLab | Unitarian Universalist Association
Boston, Massachusetts
2020 - Present

Program Facilitator, "Retooling for New Realities"

First Universalist Church
Auburn, Maine
2017 - 2019

Ministerial Intern, serving under Rev. Dr. Jodi Cohen Hayashida


Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church
Portland, Maine
2014 - 2020

Involved in various aspects of music ministry, lay worship leadership, pastoral care, group facilitation, and governance

Meadville Lombard Theological School
Chicago, IL
2016 - 2019

Master of Divinity degree

Student Affairs Council service (M.Div Program Representative)

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Rev. Molly's family participates in a Laying On of Hands ritual, February 2, 2020. Photo © Katrina van Brugh


Delivering the benediction at the end of faer ordination ceremony, February 2, 2020. Photo © Toby Haber

Intern at First Universalist, Auburn

On the chancel at Auburn UU. Photo © Toby Haber

Flower Communion Blessing

Molly blesses the flowers at Auburn UU, June 2019. Photo © Toby Haber

Winter Solstice

Lighting the ice chalice at Allen Avenue UU Church in Portland, Maine. Photo © Rick Kimball

Public Witness in Portland

Molly wears a clerical collar for a press conference in Portland, Maine.

Student Action for Trans Rights

Meadville Lombard students present a banner with a social media message for trans rights. Photo © Tomo Iwase Hillbo

Preaching in Belfast, Maine

Guest preaching at the UU Church of Belfast, Maine. Photo © Alan Matthews

Occupying Sen. Collins' Office

Molly dons a clerical collar and holds a sign while occupying Maine Senator Susan Collins' Portland office in December 2017. The occupation led to her arrest, along with those of eight other Maine faith leaders.

Last Day of Internship

Molly receives a corsage from her internship congregation as her spouse Alan looks on. Photo © Toby Haber

Lesson for All Ages

Molly uses a papier-maché flowerpot while telling a Story for All Ages in Belfast, Maine. Photo © Alan Matthews

Children's Focus

Molly and Rev. Jodi Hayashida lead the children's focus during worship at Auburn UU. Photo © Toby Haber


Rev. Molly after receiving faer first stole, a gift from Allen Avenue UU, February 2, 2020. Photo © Toby Haber




Children of all ages in our congregation were comfortable and open with Molly and several chose faer as someone who has had a significant impact on their personal growth at church. Fae is always ready with a reading or a hymn or choir selection that fit perfectly into whatever service is being planned and has been a great resource for all of our worship leaders. Our congregation has been forever changed because of Molly's presence and gifts, and we will feel the ripples of faer influence for many years to come. Fae is a true blessing. - Cynthia Grimm, Director of Religious Education (First Universalist Church of Auburn)

Molly is a storyteller, a meaning-maker, and a vibrant and passionate advocate for those who see the world a little differently. Fae makes you think about who is (or might be) in the room, question your assumptions, and in doing so

reminds us all that we are welcome and cherished exactly as we are. Fae is a gift to the movement and we are lucky to have her. - Rev. Alix Klingenberg, 2019 Candidate Liaison to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee

I had the pleasure of serving as adjunct faculty at Meadville Lombard Theological School when Molly was in seminary. It was a pleasure to have faer in my class, and to witness faer ministerial presence among her student colleagues. Molly is thoughtful, listens deeply, and participates in conversations with faer whole being. Fae made our class better with faer ministerial presence and gentle curiosity. I especially admire faer commitment to truth telling and naming difficult things with compassion and clarity. - Julica Herrmann de la Fuente, UUA Commission on Institutional Change

Molly's preaching is powerful, faer presence is palpable and authentic, faer commitment to justice and helping us realize the best of ourselves is real and impactful. I am blessed to have shared my seminary journey with Molly and have counted on faer counsel and collaborations many times. I continue to be grateful that fae has chosen to bless our world and our faith with faer wisdom and creativity. - Greta Seidohl, Minister of Belonging and Community (Fountain Street Church)

Having entered seminary a year after Molly, many in my class -- myself included -- were enveloped in Molly's care. Faer pastoral presence is like warm milk with honey: calming, grounding, affirming, and full of nourishing sweetness. - Rica Kaufel, Minister (Unitarian Universalist Church of Anaheim)

Molly is outstanding among ministers in that fae not only understands, but lives out the relationship between social justice and a rich interior life...Fae was among clergy and seminarians who protested repeatedly and were arrested at Maine Senator Susan Collins’s office. Fae was interviewed for television and spoke clearly and firmly about the need for action in the face of injustice. Fae emphasized that people of faith, in particular, have an obligation to respond to the horrors of the day. That clarity comes directly from the wellspring of faer interior life.


Unlike many ministers, Molly is relentless and creative in search for that rich interior life. Too many of us live only in the lives of our external ministries; Molly knows that as within, so without. Ministers burn out or feel stretched far too thin when they neglect their own spiritual needs. In the three years I have known Molly, I have watched faer commit, fail, innovate, and recommit to faer interior spiritual practice. I cannot say how unusual this is for congregational ministers. To both lead with integrity and clarity as well as persisting in their own spiritual work is a task not for the faint of heart.


Molly Brewer is anything but faint of heart. The congregation who receives faer devotion to its mission will be blessed by the passionate heart, brilliant mind, and spiritually mature nature fae carries so gracefully. - Rev. Catharine Clarenbach, Minister, The Way of the River

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TUUSK (Things UUs Should Know) Interview w/ Rev. Molly Brewer

April 5, 2021

Rev. Molly does a guest interview with Rev. Sarah Skochko's YouTube show, "Things UUs Should Know!"


Feb 25, 2018, First Universalist Auburn

When there are constant demands on our time and attention, the dormancy of late winter turns our minds to rest and renewal. Molly explores how this kind of perseverance can help us recognize what's stirring under the snow, longing to be born.

The spirit of surprise

Oct 22, 2017, First Universalist Auburn

Molly introduces herself to her internship congregation, the First Universalist Church of Auburn, Maine, with an autumnal sermon about witchery and the bravery that beckons us into the spirit of surprise.

Prayer for Christmas Eve 2020

Dec 24, 2020

Rev. Molly offers a seasonal prayer in a remote candlelit service for the UU congregations of Brunswick, Yarmouth, and Augusta, Maine.


Dec 9, 2017, Portland, ME

Nine Maine religious leaders are arrested for occupying Senator Susan Collins' office in Portland.

Lullaby Against the Legion

July 26, 2020, First Universalist Auburn

Rev. Molly returns to faer internship congregation in a remote worship service, talking Momtifa (aka "the Wall of Moms"), claiming ferocious protective love... AND why the Wall of Moms isn't the center of the story here.


A Gentle Forest Fire

Nov 26, 2017, First Universalist Auburn

What can post-apocalyptic fiction teach us--and not teach us--about how to survive, thrive, and rise in the here and now? Molly assures us that there's no one right way to be a leader, a prophet, or a survivor in times of upheaval.

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